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     Based out of McEwen, TN, the Kent Curtis Family is a true family consisting of: Kent (Dad), Lea Anna (Mom), and their two children, Nathan & Neeka. Both Kent and Lea Anna grew up involved in music in their churches and other groups. After they met and became married in 1994, God blessed them with their two wonderful children.

     Today, Kent is the Pastor of Open Bible Assembly Church in McEwen, TN. They are very grateful for the understanding that the church has for the Kent Curtis Family singing ministry in allowing them to fulfill that branch of ministry as well.

Here's a little more about the family...................


Full Name:
Kenneth Wade Curtis

Birthday: December 12, 1967

Hometown: Waverly, TN

Positions in KCF: Lead Singer, Emcee

Favorite Restaurants: Shoney's, Captain D's, and Cracker Barrel

Favorite DVDs: Gaither Homecoming Series & Fireproof

Favorite TV Show: Andy Griffith Show

Favorite Song: I Never Shall Forget The Day

Favorite CD: Blue Skies Coming - The Perrys

Favorite Vacation Spot: Gatlinburg, TN

Favorite Scripture: John 3:16

Lea Anna

Full Name:
Lea Anna Cole Curtis

Birthday: June 5, 1965

Hometown: Pernell, OK

Positions in KCF: Soprano Singer, Product Manager, and Office Manager

Favorite Restaurants: Cracker Barrel & Shoney's

Favorite DVD: Fireproof

Favorite TV Show: 19 Kids and Counting

Favorite Song: I'll Know I'm Home - Kingdom Heirs

Favorite CD: For All He's Done - Greater Vision

Favorite Vacation Spot: Colorado

Favorite Scripture: Psalm 37:4


Full Name:
Nathan Cole Curtis

Birthday: November 9, 1995

Hometown: McEwen, TN

Positions in KCF: Bass Singer, Soundman

Favorite Restaurants: Chick-Fil-A, Cracker Barrel, and most any mexican restaurant

Favorite DVDs: Courageous, Fireproof, and the Gaither Homecoming Series

Favorite TV Shows: Andy Griffith Show & 19 Kids and Counting

Favorite Song: Loving God, Loving Each Other - Gaither Vocal Band

Favorite CD: Redeeming The Time - Kingdom Heirs

Favorite Vacation Spot: Smoky Mountains

Favorite Scripture: Philippians 4:4-9


Full Name:
Neeka Nicole Curtis

Birthday: October 29, 1997

Hometown: McEwen, TN

Positions in KCF: Alto Singer, Product Manager

Favorite Restaurants: Chick-Fil-A & Subway

Favorite DVD: Anne of Green Gables

Favorite TV Show: 19 Kids and Counting

Favorite Song: Too many to name just one!

Favorite CD: Hymns & Classics - The Mylon Hayes Family

Favorite Vacation Spot: Gatlinburg, TN

Favorite Scripture: Ephesians 4:32


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